Paradise coin

A new bsc token that combines all modern technologies. Buyback feature, reward to holders and our PumpWallet design. There is also a marketing tax. All this will allow us to increase the value of our token on a weekly basis, which, in turn, will allow all investors to earn money.

Breakdown of transaction fees at launch time

Breakdown of transaction fees

over time, the marketing fee will be reduced

Paradise PUMP wallet

Unique accumulation system for weekly purchases of Paradise coin

  • 4% of all transactions go to Pump Wallet.
  • Weekly purchase of Paradise coin followed by burning.
  • The entire accumulated amount will be used to purchase the coin.
  • Security for all investors, the Team has no access to PumpWallet funds, only to launch a function for Pump.


Token Name

Paradise coin

Contract address


Maximum Supply

1000000000000000 (100%)


850000000000000 (85%)

Dev Wallet

50000000000000 (5%)

Marketing Wallet

100000000000000 (10%)

Road Map

Any Successful Project Needs A Plan Of Action In Place In Order To Ensure
That It Sees Through The Finish Line.

Launch Web-Site

Listing on PancakeSwap

Market Cap 200.000$

Listing on CoinGecko

Development of a new web-site

100.000 Holders

Launch of a large-scale advertising campaign

Listing on CoinMarketCap

Developing Paradise-wallet

Developing ParadiseSwap

Have Any Question ?

Answers to popular questions

We are the first to implement the Pump Wallet feature, which will be activated every week at a specific time that investors will know about in advance.

Paradise Coin holders enjoy quite a number of benefits, some of which are : redistribution of Paradise Coin from static Reflection, increasing price from its hyper deflationary model, platform games participation and much more.

2% of each sell transaction on the Paradise Coin network are redistributed instantly and gaslessly to the holders of Paradise Coin, proportional to their holdings.

For security reasons in our country, the team has decided to stay anonymous for the time being.

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